Clock Spring trains and certifies pipeline operators and contractors as installers.

Nearly 3,000 trained installers around the world provide expertise in Clock Spring repairs.  Many are from service providers who can help owners and operators install Clock Spring products. We regularly offer additional training classes around the world and can custom design trainings as well.

All installers must have a valid certificate indicating that they’ve passed the required training courses and are qualified to install Clock Spring products.

If you are interested in becoming a certified Clock Spring installer, please click the installer button below for more information on the requirements, along with available training dates and locations.


The following trainings will take place at our Houston facility. Space is limited, so please sign up early. If you have any questions about your current certification or need assistance scheduling a training session, please contact our Training Coordinator.


Installer Training 2017 Schedule

Jan 13 Feb 10 Mar 10 Apr 7
May 12 June 16 July 28 Aug 11
Sept 15 Oct 20 Nov 10 Dec 8

Installer applicants must receive instruction on installation procedures and successfully complete hands-on training with a Certified Trainer.

+ Hands-on training requires each candidate to install two Clock Springs.

+ This can be accomplished by taking the lead on installing one unit and assisting in the install of the second unit.

+ Once hands-on training is successfully completed, applicants must complete the online Installer Certification Exam.

+ A minimum score of 80% is required in order to attain your Installer Certification.


Installer Certification must be reinstated annually (any 12-month period from your last certification).

+ Recertification can be accomplished by going online and retaking the Installer Certification Exam

+ A 6-month lapse in your certification status requires the initial Hands-on Training Course to be completed in order to maintain your Installer status.

+ Installers are required to participate in hands-on training with a Certified Trainer in order to maintain their Installer status every 3 years.

Please note we no longer accept hand written exams.

All exams must be submitted through our online process.


The following trainings will take place at our Houston facility. Space is limited, so please sign up early. If you have any questions about your current certification or need assistance scheduling to attend a training session, please contact our Training Coordinator.

For 2017, Clock Spring trainer training has been condensed to a two-day class beginning at 7am on day 1 and concluding at 6pm on day 2. Please plan accordingly when making your travel arrangements.

Jan 9 and 10 Feb 6 and 7 Mar 6 and 7 Apr 3 and 4
May 8 and 9 June 12 and 13 July 24th and 25 Aug 7 and 8
Sept 11 and 12 Oct 16 and 17 Nov 6 and 7 Dec 4 and 5

Clock Spring encourages Trainer candidates to be previously certified as an Installer. If you are not Installer certified and wish to obtain your Trainer certification, please contact us. Contractors applying for Trainer certification must have an asset owner referral in order to apply. Referrals can be submitted to

+ Trainer applicants must successfully complete a 2-day hands-on course held at our Houston, TX facility.
+ Upon completion of the hands-on course, applicants must complete the online Trainer Certification Exam.
– A minimum score of 80% is required in order to attain your Trainer Certification.

Certified Trainers must renew their certifications annually.
+ The Trainer Certification Exam must be passed with a minimum score of 80%.
+ Bi-annually, Trainers must participate in a Trainer Refresher Course conducted by a Clock Spring Certified Trainer.
+ A 6-month lapse in your Trainer Certification status requires completion of the initial 2 day Hands-on Trainer Course in order to reinstate your Trainer status.


Clock Spring has negotiated special rates for area hotels close to our plant in Houston, TX.

To take advantage of these discounted rates, please phone the company and mention “CLOCK SPRING COMPANY” when making your reservations. The rates are not available through the online reservation portal.

Best Western Greenspoint Inn and Suites

14753 North Freeway
Houston, Texas 77090
Phone (281) 873-7575
Fax (281) 873-7594

King Standard ($69.99/Night)
Double Queen ($74.95/Night)
King Suite ($80.99/ Night)

Sleep Inn & Suites

222 Airtex Drive
Houston, TX 77090
Phone (281) 872-6200
Fax (281) 872-6201

King or Queen Double ($65.00/Night)
Business Suite King ($75.00/Night)


Clock Spring has offices around the world with our global headquarters in Houston, TX, USA.

Have a question or need more information? Give us a call or fill in the form, and one of our representatives will reach out to you soon.

North America (USA)
621 Lockhaven Drive
Houston, TX 77073
P: +1-281-590-8491
F: +1-281-590-9528
4A The Causeway
Cambs, England
P: +44-1480-414-703
F: +44-1480-414-705
54 Victoria Road
Aberdeen, Scotland
AB11 6FJ
P: +44 7985 396313
Jl. Sungai Lamandau No. 117,
Taman Venezia, Sentul City,
Bogor, West Java
Indonesia 16810
P: +62 811 1103650
P: +44-1480-414-703
F: +44-1480-414-705
United Arab Emirates
P: +44-1480-414-703
F: +44-1480-414-705

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