AVT Services

AVT Services

AVT offers a range of services designed to assist in the operation of the EZ Valve including installation, field service and training.

Our experienced field service teams are on hand to install or supervise and advise your teams while they install the EZ Valve. With years of experience in the field our teams have carried out and supervized thousands of safe and sustainable installations on pipes ranging from 4” to 24” and have built up a huge range of knowledge surrounding the fitting of the valves, the utilization of the EM machines, the fitting of the valve bonnet and commissioning the valve.

Our teams of experienced trainers welcome new EZ Valve installation operators into the shop to learn the product before joining them in the field to carry out a live install. Using the ‘tell – show – do’ methodology the AVT trainers ensure operators fully understand the processes required to install the EZ Valve and are on hand to offer advance and guidance both during the initial install and after via the phone or email.

AVT has developed a robust online training curriculum currently covering 4” to 12” with imminent plans to launch training for the larger diameter valves.


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