Composite Repairs of External Corrosion on 6” and 8” Import Jetty Lines

Composite Repairs of External Corrosion on 6” and 8” Import Jetty Lines

United Kingdom

During a routine inspection of 6” Butane and 8” Propane Jetty Lines external corrosion was found, with pit depths of up to 5.5mm, equating to 70% wall loss. This significant wall loss is deemed to be in need of repair to restore the lines to pristine condition.

Repair location

Clock Spring were mobilized and attended the site to assess the defects and recommend a suitable repair system. The pipelines are located beneath the jetty roadway and the corrosion is as a result of continuous dripping of rainwater from the access roadway above. CLOCK SPRING® Due to the combination of straight pipe and complex geometries (tight radius bends) both Clock Spring Snap Wrap and Contour repair systems were recommended and a local contractor, already fully trained in Clock spring application techniques, was appointed to carry out the installation. Prior to the repair installation all the defect areas were cleaned by grit blasting to an SA 2.5 condition. Clock Spring Snap Wrap is applied to the straight sections of affected line, each Snap Wrap taking approximately 30 minutes to apply.

Figures 3 & 4

The resulting Snap Wrap repairs restore the lines to full strength.

Figures 5 & 6

Sections of the lines with bends or unusual geometry are repaired using Clock Spring Contour repair system. This is installed using the ‘wet layup’ method of application, with a ‘peel ply’ being used to protect the repair during curing.

Figures 7

The resulting repair, once again, restores the line to full strength.

Figures 8


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