Casing Spacers on Pipeline

Casing Spacer on Pipeline

North East USA

Pipe Details:

30” pipeline with factory applied FBE coating.
600’ (183m) linear length installation into underground casing

Defect Details:

Application of Clock Spring to act as a casing spacer to prevent abrasion damage to the FBE coating during the pipeline pull and to then centralise the pipe in the casing after installation.

Repair Application:

To prevent contact of the pipe to the casing the frequency of the spacer installation was calculated to be every 20’ (6m) and the coil thickness to be 16 layers to provide a 1” (25.6mm) stand off distance from the pipe circumference. The factory applied FBE coating was slightly abraded with sandpaper and solvent wiped with acetone to remove any dust prior to the coil installation. In total 31 x 6” wide coils were installed along the length of the pipe.

Repair Time:

The complete project was completed in 1.5 days. During the pipe installation it was to be supported and moved forward over multiple roller hangers for which there was concern of these causing damage to the Clock Spring. On completion of the project there was no damage to the spacers and all remained firmly bonded to the pipe and the pipeline installation was successfully completed.


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