CEO Explains How Clock Spring Enables Environmental Stewardship

CEO Explains How Clock Spring Enables Environmental Stewardship

Matt Boucher Takes to the Sound Waves to Talk about Critical Infrastructure

Creative Solutions for Critical Infrastructure


President and Chief Executive Officer

At Clock Spring, environmental stewardship is the foundation of every one of our products and the driving force behind our acquisitions.

In a radio interview with “The Crude Life,” I had a chance to talk about our approach to repairing and maintaining critical infrastructure and introduce some of the outstanding additions we’ve made recently to our product offering.

This year, Clock Spring acquired the ingenious in-line AVT EZ Valve™ for water systems that allows uninterrupted service during repairs. And we added the zero-emissions Full Metal Gasket™ with DeltaV-Seal technology to our product line to help improve processing system integrity.

It is exciting to be extending the reach of our solutions beyond our comprehensive composite technology. We are looking forward to expanding our offering to provide the tools you need to improve performance and reduce risk.