Get a Jump on Emergency Leak Repairs

Get a Jump on Emergency Leak Repairs

Plan Now for Uninterrupted Service

Order Your Leak Stopper™ Response Kits Today

It’s hard to predict when you will have a leak, but it’s easy to predict the consequences – emergency shutdowns, lost production, and potential damage to people and the environment.

The faster you address a leak, the fewer repercussions you will have to deal with. But you need the tools on hand to make repairs.

That’s why Clock Spring has developed the Leak Stopper Response Kit. With this kit on hand, you can easily stop an active leak and overwrap the restored line with composite material for a more resilient and long-lasting repair.

The Leak Stopper™ is appropriate for all industries. It fits pipes of practically any diameter, and it’s fast and easy to install. And because it is packaged with the information you need to install a composite overwrap, you can do more than just stop the leak. You can extend the life of the repair.

Having the right tools within reach can make all the difference, and it’s easy to be prepared. Order your Leak Stopper™ Response Kits today.

It’s as simple as getting in touch with our team to arrange your purchase.