LatinCorr Technical Program Features Clock Spring Solutions

LatinCorr Technical Program Features Clock Spring Solutions

Learn How Composites are Rehabilitating Corroded Naphtha Piping Systems

LatinCorr 2018

Goldencenter in Buenas Aires, Argentina

Thursday, October 25 at 12:10PM

Room #3

Clock Spring Technology Addresses Corrosion in Refineries

NACE International, its Argentina Section, CAPIPE, and Edigar S.A., are hosting LatinCorr 2018 at the Goldencenter in Buenas Aires, Argentina, 23 to 25 October. This event brings together professionals from around the world to address corrosion issues in a forum that promotes discussion of new technologies.

Clock Spring experts are participating on day three of this year’s technical program with a paper titled, “Testing, Investigation and Case Study of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials for Rehabilitation of Corroded Naphtha Piping Systems.” The paper will be presented on Thursday, October 25, at 12:10 PM in Room 3 as part of the Corrosion in the Refinery Industry session.

If you cannot sit in and want to know more, please get in touch and let us know.

Our experts welcome the chance to talk with you about our industry-leading composite solutions.