Clock Spring Achieves Perfect Safety Record for Third Consecutive Year

Clock Spring Achieves Perfect Safety Record for Third Consecutive Year

Global team logs 345,000 injury-free man hours.

(Houston) – Clock Spring Company, Inc. (Clock Spring), the world’s leading manufacturer of products for pipeline and pipe work repair and overhaul solutions, is celebrating three consecutive years with no OSHA recordable incidents.

“This is a significant company milestone because there is nothing more important to us than the safety of Clock Spring’s global team,” said Matthew Boucher, Clock Spring President and Chief Executive Officer. “As proud as we are of this achievement, however, we recognize this is only one step in the safety journey. We can never get complacent, and we can never rest until all the industries we work in are accident free.”

Safety programs are integral to Clock Spring’s core values. An employee Safety Committee oversees operations around the world, and a corporate Health and Safety Wellness Program incentivizes annual age-appropriate health screenings and encourages employees to examine lifestyle habits and set personal goals for healthy living.

The recently introduced #Promise Me initiative is making safety even more personal. Clock Spring employees have filled out cards with a photo of the most important people in their lives. Some chose a spouse with the message, “I promise we will grow old together.” Others chose a child with the message, “I promise to be there for your graduation.” Clock Spring is helping everyone elevate safety as a priority so every employee is motivated to return home to fulfill the “Promise Me” commitment.

Clock Spring products require no lifting equipment, cutting, or welding. The installation process – typically about 30 minutes, with a full cure in two hours – allows overwrapping and backfilling in the same day, dramatically reducing installation time and adding safety benefits for personnel.

“Safety is important in every aspect of our lives,” Boucher said. “The goal of keeping everyone safe is what compels Clock Spring to identify hazards in product development and manufacturing operations to remove and mitigate risk. We want to make things safer every day.”

About Clock Spring

Clock Spring helps drive global economies by ensuring critical infrastructure is managed safely and sustainably. The company’s composite pipeline repair products have been deployed in 75 countries. All our products are easy to install, cost effective to deploy, and durable for decades. Clock Spring solutions also include Snap Wrap, Pipe Support, Contour, Contour WA, Crack Arrestor, Casing Spacer, Black Diamond, and DiamondWrap as well as training services.