Clock Spring CEO Matt Boucher to Speak at CORCON 2017, Emphasizing Safety and Stewardship in Product Development

Clock Spring CEO Matt Boucher to Speak at CORCON 2017, Emphasizing Safety and Stewardship in Product Development

Annual corrosion conference brings together 650 plus industry professionals in Mumbai

Houston (September 18, 2017) –  Clock Spring Company, LP (Clock Spring), the world’s leading manufacturer of permanent and temporary composite pipeline and pipe work repair solutions, today announced that Clock Spring CEO and President Matt Boucher will speak at CORCON 2017, an annual four-day corrosion conference in Mumbai on September 17 – 20, 2017. Boucher will present on safety and stewardship in product development.

“The potential for accidents and injuries in pipeline installation and maintenance are a reality in our industry,” said Clock Spring CEO Matt Boucher. “Clock Spring products are an example of an innovative means to overcome many of these threats and keep workers safe.”

Clock Spring products repair and rehabilitate pipe without the need for welding or hot work. When installing a Clock Spring product, operators and maintenance personnel are able to excavate around the area being repaired, eliminating the perils of overhead lifting. Additionally, Clock Spring composite repair cures in two hours. This curing feature allows workers to expedite installations and get out of trenches quickly.

“Installation variables in the field are removed ensuring a quality install, and improving both sustainability and safety,” said Boucher. “It is simple. The more time maintenance personnel are in an open trench operating equipment and heavy machinery, the greater the safety risk. Because of the very nature of our products, these risks go away.”

The company focuses on eliminating, as much as possible, the need to undertake activities that can result in injuries or fatalities. Clock Spring develops products that help maintain and preserve the critical infrastructure in a way that enhances worker safety and tackles both minor and major safety hazards.

CORCON 2017 is hosted by NACE International, NACE International Gateway India Section, and the NACE East Asia and Pacific Area. This year, Clock Spring is a silver sponsor. The conference aims to bring together advocates for corrosion mitigation to solve ageing infrastructure problems.