Clock Spring Announces Two-Year OSHA Recordable Free Safety Milestone

Clock Spring Announces Two-Year OSHA Recordable Free Safety Milestone

Houston (July 17, 2017) –  Clock Spring Company, LP (Clock Spring), the world’s leading manufacturer of permanent and temporary composite pipeline and pipe work repair solutions, today announced that it has achieved a major safety milestone, reaching two years of OSHA recordable-free hours.

“We are transforming this business with a focus on safety, innovation, and stewardship,” said Matt Boucher, Clock Spring President and Chief Executive Officer. “The safety of our team and our colleagues, partners, and customers is our foremost concern.  We work daily in product development and manufacturing operations to remove and mitigate hazards in the field and in the plant.  We celebrate this important milestone today, but also recognize that our work is never done.”

Clock Spring products are safer to use than traditional repair methods because their installation requires no lifting equipment, cutting, or welding.  A typical install takes about 30 minutes, with full cure after two hours, allowing overwrapping and backfilling in the same day. This dramatically reduces open-ditch time, providing added safety benefits for personnel and assets. These innate benefits of the products are enhanced by Clock Spring’s commitment to creating a safe work environment among employees, from the manufacturing to the shipping to the installation of the product.

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