February 6, 2017

Matt Boucher Promoted to Clock Spring President and Chief Executive Officer

Boucher appointed to lead business transformation

Houston (February 6, 2017) – Clock Spring Company, LP (Clock Spring) today announced that Matt Boucher has been promoted to President and Chief Executive Officer. Boucher was recruited as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in June 2016 and was elected as President and Chief Executive Officer at the January 25, 2017 Clock Spring board of directors meeting.

“Clock Spring has a nearly 25 year track record as the industry leader in composite pipeline repair,” said James Bishop, Jr, Clock Spring chairman. “As a board, we feel that now is the time to build on that heritage, transforming the business with a focus on innovation and growth. Matt’s background makes him the ideal person to lead this transformation.”

Boucher’s career has focused on financial management and analysis, business strategy, and leading transformations. He joined Clock Spring from The Brock Group, a $1.5 billion specialty trade and maintenance services contractor to refining, petrochemical, power and industrial manufacturers. As Brock’s Senior Vice President, Operations and Transformation, he led transformation and service and profitability improvement initiatives for a 15,000-person field services organization and developed an understanding of the importance of asset integrity, maintenance and reliability.

Boucher holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Bentley University in Waltham, Mass. He is a Six Sigma Green Belt.

November 18, 2015 Press Release

For immediate release:
Clock Spring Company, L.P.
621 Lockhaven Dr.
Houston, TX 77073

Dear Clock Spring Trainers and Installers,

PHMSA issued a recent NPRM (July 10, 2015, Docket No.PHMSA-2013-0163) that has potential implications on operator qualifications in the future. The NPRM expands the scope of the OQ rule to lines previously not subject to operator qualifications. In addition, it asks for a greater check on evaluators, trainers, etc. As always Clock Spring is proactively taking steps to adjust our training programs to completely comply with this potential rule. Operators who choose Clock Spring as their repair method will never have to worry about whether the Clock Spring training program complies with the latest legislation. We will continue to provide safety and training programs that exceed the industry standards.
In 2016, our trainers and installers will see electronic tests that pull questions randomly from a test bank. There will also be trainer audits and new training material from Clock Spring Company, L.P. The Clock Spring training modules will be divided into two programs. The first will include Clock Spring rigid pre-cured products including Clock Spring, Snap Wrap, Pipe Supports, Polyethylene Pipe Squeeze-Off Wrap, and Casing Spacers. The second module will include our wet-applied two part epoxy product, Clock Spring Contour.
Clock Spring is also proud to announce we now have an onsite Veriforce evaluator. We will be conducting evaluations on Common Covered Task 705. This is just one of many steps we are taking to make the OQ process to install a Clock Spring as simple as possible.
We look forward to working with you in the coming year. Check your inboxes for new material and more information in the coming weeks.


Clock Spring Company, L.P.




Clock Spring Quarterly Q3 2015

A Letter from The President

by Shawn Laughlin

Dear Clock Spring Friends,

An army of conscientious, well intentioned, and hard working professionals cover the globe keeping the world’s pipelines safe.  In North America alone in this calendar year we have certified over 1300 individuals on the safe, complete, and verifiable installation of our product. They are the front line heroes making the repairs that keep energy flowing to homes and businesses. They keep an implicit promise to keep our vital infrastructure safe. Their dedication to quality has a 20+ year record of outstanding results. We would like to offer few words of gratitude for their dedication to pipeline integrity and proper operations. Thank you for your efforts. Please keep up the good work!

Clock Spring Company, L.P. does travel the globe to provide updates, refreshers, and period reviews of training. Our Houston Texas facility has scheduled trainer and installer dates throughout the calendar year.   Please find the schedule for the remainder of this year and all of next year below. We encourage you to plan your training dates early as construction season does get busy.

Wishing you all the best and as always keep the pipelines safe,




Clock Spring Training Schedule

The following trainings will take place at our Houston facility. It is highly recommended participants sign up early. If you have questions as to when your certification expires or how you can schedule to attend please contact our Training Coordinator Staci Nivens at training@clockspring.com.

Trainer Training December 8-10, 2015
Installer Training December 11, 2015

2016 Schedule:

***Note Clock Spring trainer training has been condensed to a two day class beginning at 7am and concluding at 6pm for the 2016 calendar year. Please plan on this change when making your travel arrangements.

  • Trainer Training: January 11th-12th
  • Installer Training: January 15th
  • Distributor Training Only February 11th-13th
  • Trainer Training March 7th-8th
  • Installer Training March 11th
  • Trainer Training: April 11th-12th
  • Installer Training: April 15th
  • Distributor Training Only May 5th-7th
  • Trainer Training: June 13th-14th
  • Installer Training: June 17th
  • Trainer Training: July 11th-12th
  • Installer Training: July 15th
  • Trainer Training: August 15th-16th
  • Installer Training: August 19th
  • Trainer Training: September 12th-13th
  • Installer Training: September 16th
  • Trainer Training October: 10th-11th
  • Installer Training: October 14th
  • Trainer Training: November 14th-15th
  • Installer Training: November 18th
  • Trainer Training: December 12th-13th
  • Installer Training: December 16th



Veriforce OQ Evaluations

Clock Spring will now be offering Veriforce OQ evaluations on Common Covered Task 705. If you would like to schedule an evaluation after you attend one of our trainer or installer classes please let us know.



Contour Well Line Repair



To contain an asset leak on a well line off the coast of Louisiana by utilizing a leak stop kit and wrapping the pipe in Clock Spring Contour.


A 13″ well line at 5 psi was leaking oil off the coast of Louisiana. The pipe was fully encompassed with filler material to plug the active leak and to prevent further leaking.

Once the leak was stopped and pipe was fully encompassed, Clock Spring Contour was applied over the filler material covering 5’ of pipe.

After of cure time of 4 hours, the pipe had a new casing placed around it.

The job was completed in two days by two certified Clock Spring employees and production of the line was never stopped.



Clock Spring General Corrosion Repair




To install six 36″ Clock Spring coils over general corrosion while training the operator’s employees on the proper installation methods.


Six Clock Spring coils were installed to repair general corrosion on a natural gas transmission line. The spool feeder installation method was used in this instance because the line was 36″ with limited clearance underneath.

A total of six of the operator employees were trained and certified on site. This particular installation was completed in 4 ½ hours.

After the installation was complete, maker bands were installed on each end of the repair zone. With the marker bands in place the smart pig can pick up the repairs.

After a two hour cure time, the Clock Spring was coated over and then backfilled.


Before and After- A Lawn Mower Incident

Pipe diameter – 8”
MAOP – 200psi
Wall thickness- 0.219”
Third party damage


Once pipe prep was complete (disk sander) it took approximately 1.5 hrs to apply Devcon to defect area and install 5 layers of Contour fabric.



Photo Contest

Clock Spring trainers and installers take some of the best pictures of our products! If you have a unique or high quality Clock Spring photo to share you could win a Visa gift card. Any Clock Spring product may be in the photograph.

1st Place – $75 Visa Gift Card
2nd Place – $50 Visa Gift Card
3rd Place – $25 Visa Gift Card

Please remember if people are in the submitted pictures please ensure they are wearing proper PPE.

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