Clock Spring ®

 Clock Spring Pipeline Repair & Pipe Reinforcement System

Commercially available since 1993, Clock Spring pipeline repair and reinforcement system utilizes a composite sleeve to permanently repair various pipeline defects. The patented architecture is the most tested, investigated, verified, and documented composite ever developed. Clock Spring Pipeline Repairs offer various features, advantages, and benefits.


Our namesake product was the subject of an extensive research and development program conducted in North America from 1987-1999. This decade long effort was conducted under the supervision of the Gas Research Institute (now Gas Technology Institute), along with a steering committee of pipeline integrity professionals.  The effort resulted in Clock Spring being the basis for the approval of Composite repairs. The approval deemed the Clock Spring® as a “repair which permanently restores the serviceability of the pipe”.



Clock Spring pipeline repair BENEfits

  • Quick, Simple, Easy Installation
  • Minimize All Field Errors
  • Maximize Operational Efficiency
  • Save Significant Money
  • Enhance Short-Term and Long-Term Safety

Only Clock Spring can give you complete, accurate, and verifiable engineering data, information and documentation.


  • Created by a 10-Year, $15 Million Study by the Pipeline Industry & Academia
  • 50 year minimum life deemed a Permanent Repair by Regulators
  • Used in all environments, all soil types, and diverse conditions