The Clock Spring Company manufactures and markets products that are used to make pipeline repairs. All segments of the pipeline, process piping, and pipe works industries are typically users of these various products. Composites are utilized as the building blocks of these pipeline repair products. Various resins are used and various strength members are used as constituent components of these composite repair products. Architectures also vary based on the precise engineering needs of a specific application.


Clock Spring

  • 50 year DOT approved repair system for high pressure transmission pipelines
  • Unidirectional fiberglass polyester or vinyl ester composite repair sleeve
  • Restores full strength to pipelines with up to 80% external wall loss
  • Available in 4″ through 56″ diameter kits with coil, filler, adhesive, tools
  • Can be applied on bends and girth welds
  • Pipelines do not have to be shut down or decreased in pressure
  • No hot work, welding or cutting
  • Fast and economical


Snap Wrap

  • Pipe repair system for lines operating at 500 PSI (34.5 bar) or below
  • ¾” through 56″ diameter kits with coils, filler, adhesive and installation tools
  • Split sleeve design allows for applications with a clearance of less than a ½”
  • Restores pipe to full pressure handling capability
  • Fast and economical
  • No hot work, welding or cutting



Pipe Support

  • Heavy duty double sleeve composite wrap
  • Full encirclement design eliminates crevice corrosion, provides wear surface
  • ¾” through 56” diameter kits with coils, filler, adhesive and installation tools
  • Heavy duty double coil composite wrap
  • Easy installation with minimum clearance required
  • Cures in two hours




  • Custom engineered advanced composite repair products
  • Non-Woven glass fiber and durable toughened epoxy
  • Repair elbows, tees, reducers, and other complex geometries
  • Repair of carbon steel, stainless steel, and other pipe materials
  • Highly durable and excellent chemical resistance to common process fluids


Casing Spacers

  • Customized spacers cut to a desired thickness and height
  • Adhered directly to the pipe with heavy-duty adhesive
  • No bending, breaking, or corroding bolts or metal material


Squeeze off wrap

  • Mark and reinforce locations where a squeeze-off has
  • Available for 2″ through 6″ diameter polyethylene pipes
  • Bidirectional fiberglass material wound in a continuous coil


Conformable Array

  • Assess defects using B31, Modified B31 and Effective Area
  • Assessment graphs and pressures calculated and displayed
  • Compare field measurements to ILI data
  • Create files for record keeping
  • River bottom profiles identified



Installation & Training

  • Clock Spring installation training in the field or in the shop
  • Monthly installer and trainer classes at the Clock Spring facility in
    Houston, Texas
  • Verifoce evaluations on CCT 705
  • Distributor training by invitation only