Clock Spring Company, LP has designed and tested several repair techniques and solutions for a variety of application types.  Should you have questions regarding other types of repairs or applications, you are encouraged to please contact a member of our Technical Sales Team for additional information.


Transmission Lines

Transmission pipelines represent the most common type of repair which utilizes Clock Spring products. These repairs are made on high pressure and low pressure pipelines. These repairs are made on both external ( typically a permanent repair) and on internal ( sometimes a temporary repair). Documented approvals are in place for many national regulatory authorities and also for most company specific approval systems. Clock Spring repairs have been made approximately 80 countries. The system has been commercially available since 1993. The installed base of repairs is large and is growing rapidly. More then 1 million coil-years of service have been successfully recorded. All standard pipe diameters have been repaired. Please see the various photographs of several representative repairs.


Offshore Corrosion & Damage Repair

Clock Spring composite products are effective in the repair of offshore corrosion and damage. These types of repairs have been successfully completed both above the waterline and underwater with composite repair solutions from Clock Spring.

Our composite sleeves have been used to repair a variety of offshore assets above the water line dating back to the 1990’s. In recent years, underwater adhesives have been used to make repairs well below the water line.



Clock Spring’s repair and reinforcement systems are used in tank farms and terminals world-wide. Soil to air interfaces, pipe support locations, and various other pieces of critical infrastructure are of importance.


Plants and refineries

Clock Spring’s products have been used in plants and refineries worldwide. Our Contour product is perfect for repairing odd geometries, bends, flanges, and tees. Our Snap Wrap and Pipe Support products also have a variety of uses in these process facilities including corrosion mitigation and prevention.




The petrochemical industry utilizes various types of pipe. Many of these steel grades and diameters are excellent candidates for repairs made with Clock Spring products.



This specific pipeline type often has extensive external corrosion which results from the corrosive environment associated with flare lines. It is common for repairs to be hundreds of meters in length.



Potable water, non-potable and waste water lines have all been repaired.



Crude oil, refined products, chemicals, natural gas, feedstocks, are all transported within pipelines. All of these hydrocarbon pipelines are candidates for economical, durable, high quality repairs.