Clock Spring® Company LP

Clock Spring is the world’s leading manufacturer of permanent and temporary pipeline repair solutions using composites. Clock Spring repairs are fast, economical and easy and, because no cutting or welding is required, there are no risks to the environment and no costly down time. Clock Spring’s cost-effective solutions have withstood the rigors of peer review, management questions, and real-world conditions time and time again.



Used in over 80 countries

Clock Spring technology has become a well-known reinforcement system used on pipeline repairs for hoop stress reinforcement. This technology is well documented and used throughout the world as an approved permanent repair in over 80 countries.



Award-Winning Products in Diverse Industries

Clock Spring’s award-winning composite products are used in diverse environments and markets. These include transmission pipelines, petrochemical plants, refineries, distribution lines, water lines, waste water lines, offshore, tank farms, and terminals.  Repairs are also completely customizable and can be manufactured to meet your specific needs.



A Continued Vision of Integrity Improvement

When the space race began it became clear there was a realistic need for light-weight durable materials. NASA turned to composites to put a man on the moon. This technology was both sturdy enough and light enough to be propelled into space. A group of individuals envisioned the capabilities of this proven composite technology on pipelines worldwide thus the Clock Spring Company, LP was born.  Originally Clock Spring turned to composites for a crack arrestor product. These crack arrestors are typically used on very high pressure CO2 lines, enriched natural gas pipelines, and various other applications where the threat of long running cracks exist. It soon became apparent there was a need for a permanent pipeline repair system to be developed. Clock Spring rose to the challenge and began to develop derivative products.


In 1987, the Gas Research Institute assembled a distinguished team of pipeline professionals and research organizations for the purpose of formulating and directing a comprehensive program to verify the effectiveness, permanency, and durability of a composite repair system. The performance requirement for a repair which “permanently restores the serviceability of the pipe” necessitated long-term testing under worst-case conditions.  A decade long program was developed. The GRI conducted extensive burst tests, stress rupture tests, field validations, cathodic shielding tests, and cathodic disbondment tests. This evidence was submitted to the DOT as evidence of a complete, accurate, and verifiable technical information. The DOT changed their language in the year 2000 to recognize Clock Spring as a permanent repair. The GRI program remains the most thorough and trusted composite testing program ever conducted.


Today, Clock Spring is in use in over 80 countries and our coils have over one million combined repair service years. Our world headquarters is based in Houston, Texas with an office in The United Kingdom and staff in Asia. Our continued vision of integrity improvement has led us to create products for the future in diverse industries. We can customize a wide variety of repairs to meet almost all of your integrity needs.


We invite you to share your Clock Spring story with us. Our clients are constantly rewriting the history of our product with amazing success stories. Contact us at marketing@clockspring.com and share your Clock Spring story.



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