Clock Spring® Company LP

Clock Spring is the world’s leading manufacturer of composite pipeline repair solutions. Clock Spring repairs are fast, economical and easy. There is no cutting or welding required. This eliminates risks to the environment and there is no costly down time. Clock Spring’s cost-effective solutions have withstood the rigors of peer review, management questions, and real-world conditions time and time again. All of Clock Spring's products are manufactured in Houston, Texas.

Used in over 75 countries

Clock Spring technology has become a well-known reinforcement system used on pipeline repairs for hoop stress reinforcement. This technology is well documented and used throughout the world as an approved permanent repair in over 75 countries.

Award-winning products in diverse industries

Clock Spring’s award-winning composite products are used in diverse environments including high pressure transmission lines, petrochemical plants, offshore, and tank farms - right across the globe. We can engineer your repair to meet your industries specific needs.